Updating your Family Will

You just returned home from the maternity ward with your first bundle of joy in your arms and the house is stocked with diapers and baby formula — now’s the time to sit down and draft a will. Especially during this period of new found delight, writing a will may be the furthest thought from your mind. But who will take care of your child if you and your spouse both die unexpectedly? Young couples tend to put off writing a will because they get caught up in their new roles as parents. Also, because people are living longer, healthier lives, they’re less likely to think about becoming ill or incapacitated.

If your or both of you die, you want to be sure your child is well taken care by someone you trust. Decide who will be the best guardian to look after your child, then ask if they will do it. After you get their consent, you can either make a will or change your current will.

To complete or update your Last Will and Testament contact a notary or lawyer in your area.