Start a Babysitting Co-op

Ever wanted to run an errand, go to the doctor, attend a meeting, go shopping, or see a movie with your spouse or friend without having to have a child in tow? Babysitting Co-ops have been around for decades. Based on the values of self-help and self-responsibility, they are organized voluntarily by a group of parents who all have the same interested finding reliable and responsible childcare for their children.

All parents need time away from their children, but for many the cost of babysitting makes going out challenging or a rare occurrence. Add to it all, the frustration of finding reliable sitters when the need arises.

A Babysitting Co-op offers many benefits:

  • children make new friends and develop social skills
  • no money spent for child care
  • extending your support network
  • picking up tips on child-bearing
  • families are helped with occasional day,evening or emergency overnight care
  • parents have some free time with they need it
  • exchanging toys and clothes
  • increase support in the community
  • foster great friendships amongst members