Parent Support Services

Parenting is the most important and challenging job that most adults undertake. Parents often feel frustrated by the demands of raising children, even in the best of circumstances. When parents are isolated, involved in difficult relationships, experiencing financial stress, or lack information on child development and child-rearing techniques, they can lose control.

    Parent Support Services understands that:

  • parents do not want to hurt their children.
  • behaviour change is a long-term process.
  • many parents do not know that discipline and punishment are two different things.
  • laws and government alone do not protect children.

Parent Support Services believes that informed, effective parenting builds strong communities by giving young people the safety, skills and environment to create positive lives for themselves and those around them.

Parent Support Services is a non-profit, volunteer-based society and registered charity founded in 1974. Its mandate is to prevent child abuse and to promote healthy relationships by supporting parenting, families and communities. Parent Support Services is based in Vancouver, with regional offices in Victoria, the Nanaimo area, and Prince George.

For more information on this organization and to inquire about their Parenting Programs in your community please check the Parent Support Service of BC website.