By Car

Being in the car with your kids is a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with them, away from other daily distractions. A little undivided attention from Mom or Dad can go a long way toward a little person’s happiness.

Travelling with a Baby by Car

The secret behind successfully travelling with a baby is to plan your journey with care. To be honest babies are very adaptable and resilient and can easily cope with travel as long as you feed them, change their diapers, pay them attention and don’t forget their baby toys and books.

Breastfeeding or Formula Feeding – If you are breastfeeding and need to express milk, you can store it in a cooler, with ice, for up to 24 hours. You can also store bottles of pre-made formula in the same way — alternatively, you can add pre-measured powdered formula to the bottles, then top it up with cooled, boiled water as required.

Baby wipes – Are a must when you’re travelling. They’re a brilliant invention for when you are faced with a mucky baby with no water around. Keep a supply in the car all the time.

Baby Toys – A newborn will probably sleep for most of the journey but if you have an older baby make sure you take baby toys to keep your baby occupied while you are travelling. There are some well designed toys nowadays that you can stick to the back of the seat or the window of the car.

Soother and Soother Cord – The best invention for quieting a fuzzy baby on a long journey, but be sure to purchase a soother clip and cord it will keep the smoother close by even if it falls out baby’s mouth. Tip: Most soother cord fasten by velco to the soother. To ensure that the cord stays on the soother simple stitch the cord to the soother this will help prevent baby from pulling the cord from the soother.

Finger Foods – Always pack more than you think you’ll need and include plenty of finger foods if your baby is old enough — these are great for helping to keep them occupied!

Music – For older baby’s music plays an important part of their development and can change their moods quite quickly. Be sure to have some baby music handy to put in the car stereo.

Travelling with Kids by Car

Anyone embarking on a journey who has heard the infamous wail ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ Keeping the kids happy can start right at the beginning of your journey, even before you set off.

Create a TRAVEL SURVIVAL KIT packed with small travel toys and games. Use a bright back-pack or tote bag dedicated to the purpose. Include age-appropriate toys, such as an etch-a-sketch for preschool drawing fun, magnetic letter board for a toddler, sticker, puzzle or joke books for a grade-schooler. Interactive games can keep siblings happy-like Brain Quest cards with age-appropriate puzzles and questions, or even a simple deck of playing cards. Nowadays, portable DVD players and hand-held video games can keep kids trouble-free and occupied for hours. If you do take electronic things, be sure to take extra batteries.

Snacks can be healthy carrot sticks, crackers, pretzels, cheese or fruit. Try to keep the sugar content down for less hyperactive kids. Choose juice boxes and water bottles instead of canned soft drinks.

Take CD’s along with their favourite music, as well as family music that you can all sing together while travelling.

Purchase a disposable camera for each child and allow then to freely take pictures of the trip to scrapbook once they return home. They’ll love the idea of taking their own photos.

Travelling with children doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With careful planning, plenty of rest and controlled activities, parents and children can enjoy vacationing together.