Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is used for official identification and as proof of a person’s legal name, date, and place of birth. A birth certificate is a legal document needed to establish legal identity and will be used throughout your child’s life to obtain health services, a passport, old age pension and many other beneficial services.

To get a birth certificate in the province of BC you can fill out the order form on the back of the Registration of Live Birth form given at the hospital. Another option is to fill out an Application for Service form from the Vital Statistics Agency. There is a fee for a birth certificate.

    • A birth certificate may be ordered by the following:
  • The person who is the subject of the certificate.
  • A parent of a child under 19 years of age, or if the child is incapable.
  • A custodial guardian if the parent is incapable
  • A person with written authorization from one of the above.
  • An officer of any provincial government or the government in Canada who requires the certificate for discharge of official duties.
  • Any other person who satisfies the Chief Executive Officer of the good faith of the person’s cause for requiring the certificate.

To replace a missing or wrecked Birth Certificate click here for more information.