Before You Leave

Travelling with kids can be a challenge, as any parent knows. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the stress and nerves. Make sure your family travels without incident by following our tips on traveling by car, plane or ferry.
Some areas to consider before you leave:

Book Ahead of Time -That means arranging and paying for not only the airline tickets, but the hotel and car as well. When you arrive at your destination, there won’t be any wandering around trying to find a vacancy, you’ll just pick up the car and go straight to your hotel. You can even take a virtual tour of many hotels online.

Packing – Reseach where your going and what type of conditions you’ll be experiencing. . Remembers most of time babies and younger children can go though two to three outfits a day.

Passports – Where are you travelling to? Do you need a passport? Check out our section on passports to find out if it’s required for your trip. Anyone over 12 years of age will need some type of photo identification.

Cash – Always remember to take some cash with you just incase. You never know if you lose your purse or wallet and need some spending money or can’t find an ATM close by.

Health and Medicine – Make sure to fill prescriptions before you leave.

Immunizations – There are some pretty serious things out there, and there are parts of the world where if you are going there you’ll need to look into getting you and your family immunized.

Remember, keep things fun and safe and everything will go a lot smoother for you and your family.