BC Care Card

Each B.C. resident enrolled with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) is given a CareCard with a unique lifetime identifier for health care called a personal health number. This number remains the same, regardless of any changes to personal status. You should carry your CareCard at all times, to have it available to be presented whenever you need health care services. However, if you do not have your card with you, your physician or other health care provider can verify that you are enrolled with MSP.

A CareCard is also a valuable way to confirm your identity. For this reason, it is important that your CareCard bear your signature. Children can sign their own cards. A spouse, guardian or other legally responsible adult should sign for anyone who cannot do so and ensure that the card is available as needed.

A British Columbia CareCard for your baby will be sent to you six to eight weeks after the MSP office receives the completed form. In the first 60 days after birth, your baby will get medical care using your medical number.