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Published on Friday, November 13, 2015 by

NewMomoncomputer240Today’s moms are blessed with an incredible variety of online communities: social networks, forums, Facebook groups, blogs, message boards, all offering the possibility of connecting with other moms anywhere, anytime on countless topics.

You’re the first of your girlfriends to have a baby, and you are not sure if your newborn’s poop is the right colour? Your toddler wakes up with a strange red rash on his tummy, and you’re concerned it would to spread? Your hair is falling out, and you need to know when it will stop before you become completely bald! Moms to rescue!

Even though you read every page of Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Maze’s bestseller What to Expect When You are Expecting, reality has now sunk in. You now have that tiny baby who will not stop crying (and neither can you for that matter!) Clearly, you need somewhere to turn.

It is then you discover your local Facebook Mommy Group offering support, advice, friendship, and plenty of virtual hugs when you need them the most. In my case, it was the beginning of some amazing friendships.

During those middle-of-the-night feedings, I remember having the lights turned down low, but high enough so I could still read Facebook posts. Thankfully, I was soon invited to join one of those mommy groups. Scrolling through the posts helped me keep my eyes open, while I gently rocked my little man back to sleep.

What did I do when my youngest had an awful diaper rash that would not go away? I turned to my mommy group. If I wanted to know which baby carrier or umbrella stroller everyone loved, I would post the question and await responses.

When I have a free afternoon to go to the park, I post to see if anyone else wanted to join me. When I’m feeling down and I just need to tell someone (but do not want to paste it on my Facebook wall), I go to my group. And when I want to share my good days with some of my favourite people, I turn to my mommy group – of course!

I have always felt connected with a great group of mom’s right on the other side of my screen. It is not unusual to see a mom post to find out who might be up in the middle of the night tending to her baby. Such posts rarely go unanswered.

We are very diverse group of women with three major things in common: pregnancy, babies and children. Long-time friends will always be your long-time friends. And yet while you raise your family, it is important to have some close connections with others who are in the same stage of life as you are.

As you read this, chances are you are wondering if there could be drama. The answer is YES! When you put a bunch of hormonal women in the same virtual room you can expect some occasional drama. It is important to remember that we have been part of each other’s world for so many years. Through the process we are able to see through our different opinions and perspectives. In my group, we understand that we all want what is best for each other and to be each other’s cheerleader. It is no surprise that these virtual friends are some of my favourite people.

Lindsay a mom to two little boys, a soccer player, a lifetime traveler and a lover of learning. She resides in Langley and enjoys every minute she can with her family. www.carpediemourway.com

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