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Published on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 by

I have a confession to make. I hate working out. Its supposed to be fun and I’m supposed to like it but I don’t.

All the people in ads for the gym look so happy and excited (see photo to your left). You talk to the salesperson at the gym and she’s ridiculously perky. You hear other women talk about the ‘great workout’ they just had, like it was fun or something. Here’s my truth. I work out regularly and I still hate it.

After my first son was born I had an extra twenty pounds I couldn’t lose and had been ten pounds overweight before I even got pregnant. When I started cringing at pictures of myself I knew it was time to do something. I joined weight watchers and slowly began to lose, but deep down I knew that I needed an entire lifestyle change and that I needed to get some exercise. So I joined the gym.

I thought I’d be ambitious and join a step aerobics class. Well ‘frog in a blender’ doesn’t even begin to describe the disaster that was me in my knock off Lululemons and over sized Walmart shirt. I was embarrassed but still glad I had actually completed the hour of yelling and tripping over my feet. Nothing could prepare me though for the next day when I was so agonizingly sore that I cried out in pain every time I had to squat down to sit on the toilet.

But I stuck with it. I went two to three times a week and hated every minute of it. But a strange thing happened. The weight started to drop off my body quicker than before. I had so much more energy. I slept better and started getting compliments from friends and family about how ‘great’ I looked. So I kept going. I started to be a little more coordinated and sometimes there was even a newbie in the class who was clumsier than me! Hooray!

So after a few short months I had lost thirty five pounds. I, who am uncoordinated, lazy, clumsy, and full of excuses, had lost thirty five pounds. I was flabbergasted. And here is my secret. I hate working out but LOVE the results. Going into a clothing store and being able to easily buy something flattering was more that enough to keep me working out. I didn’t mind having my picture taken anymore. People that knew me well were shocked that I had kept with it for so long and some even began to work out themselves; they knew if I could do it then so could they. I was hooked.

I kept the weight off until I got pregnant again. I’m a very firm believer in the eat-like-its- your-last-day-on-earth mentality when incubating another human being so inevitably I find myself in the same scenario I was a few short years ago. This time going to the gym is harder, as everything is when you have more than one child.

Thankfully I have a very supportive husband who watches both children while I have started trying to run in the evenings. I go outside with my knock off Lululemons again, a dorky touque and headlamp, but this time I have an Adidas jacket – I have arrived. Every day I get a little bit faster and go a little bit longer. But I still hate it. Of course with now having two children any activity that gives me alone time can’t be all bad, can it?

So if you’ve ever thought seriously about working out, now that its February and all of your New Year’s resolutions have been broken, give it another try. Stick with it for a month and you might just surprise yourself.

By Jennifer: is a mom of two wonderful little boys aged five and seven month old and resides in Victoria, BC. She was an Early Childhood Educator, dental assistant and now loves being a stay at home Mom.

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