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kidshealthyeat240Wouldn’t it be nice if all our kitchens were equipped with state of the art snack machines that were pre programmed to read our child’s appetites and perfectly prepare their most wanted meals daily!

Unfortunately that technology doesn’t exist yet, and M.O.M doesn’t actually stand for Master Of Mind-reading! But having babies and toddles who can’t quite express them selves besides the beloved word “no” and the good ol’ reliable “throw what’s for lunch at the cat” game! This can make mealtime almost as challenging as bed time! So what do you feed your child who seems to survive solely on air and rice rusks?

Good question! Now I’m sure as modern day mothers we all have at least one Pinterest board dedicated to Snack ideas and Finger foods for babies and toddlers. With the hopes of finding something they might willingly eat that doesn’t come from the floor! So allow me to save you some precious mommy time and give you a quick list of tried and true foods your picky little one will with a bit of luck! More than likely eat!

Who doesn’t love the juicy, sweet crunchiness that is apples. My baby absolutely does.  Many moms just can’t figure out how to safety give their little ones apples that doesn’t involve boiling them down to a sauce. So here’s the secret to turning them into a go to snack any picky little one will love to feed themselves. Grate them! Yup! That’s right it’s as simple as that. Peel the skin off the apple (a quarter at a time to prevent browning) and using a large holed grater, grate the apples into sticks that resemble French fries. They are thin enough to easily gum up and chew and your little one will be able to pick them up hassle free.

sweetpotatoes240Sweet Potatoes

I have tried and prepared sweet potatoes almost every way you can imagine in hopes that my own daughter would love them as much as I do! And after unsuccessful feedings of mashed, boiled, pureed and mixed I realized it wasn’t the taste she didn’t like it was the texture. And so the idea for the Yam fry was born. (Okay, I didn’t actually come with it but I did think of it for these circumstances) You can slice the sweet potatoes into match sticks, toss them in a little olive oil and sprinkle some steak spice or seasoning of your own choice and bake them at 375C for approx. 20- 25 minutes or until browned and a little crispy looking.  Once cooled serve them to your little one a few at a time! And watch in amazement how they gobble them down, no bribing necessary.

Legumes are amazing and protein packed! And seriously underappreciated or recognized in many households. My daughter is very finicky with meats and doesn’t get a whole lot of protein from that source, so I started exploring other options. As a legume lover myself I decided to give it a shot during lunchtime. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my daughter was squawking at me for more because I wasn’t spooning it into her mouth quick enough. Almost any flavors and seasonings can be added to Lentils because they make such a tasty base. My go too combination is pan frying lentils in a little coconut (or olive) oil with celery, onions and a little shredded carrot. The texture is little one approved and a great way to sneak in nutritious veggies in a protein pack vegan friendly meal.

Now the great thing about pancakes is not only are they easy to prepare and cook but they are incredibly versatile. You can stick almost anything into a pancake and let your child eat it. I mean almost anything. I once got my daughter to eat broccoli by adding a little cheese and broccoli to some pancakes. Although I don’t recommend that trick on older children or adults. Anything that you can cook to a tender texture or can be gummed up you can add to a pancake. Give it a try! And remember pancakes aren’t just breakfast food.

Please be cautious if you have any reason to believe your little one could have a potential allergy to eggs, and clear it with a pediatrician or health nurse. This advice was given to me by my own health nurse and is not intended to contradict or replace your active physicians’ advice. I was under the impression that my daughter could have only egg yolks from six months and on until One year old. So here I was making hard boiled eggs and messily separating whites from yolks. Until my health nurse told me at 7 months that whites are actually perfectly fine for my baby and that if I’ve given her any type of bread or pasta she’s actually already consumed egg whites. What a relief that was, I don’t think I could handle cleaning one more egg yolk smeared high chair. Because honestly she played more with the yolk than she ate it! So scrambled eggs became my new go too! But of course my picky little one had it once and refused it afterwards.

So what’s the trick to making eggs a breakfast staple? Preparation. My daughter will only eat her eggs one way, if they are whisked with a little water and steak spice (my go to baby seasoning) and then topped with some feta when they are done cooking.  When you whisk your eggs with a little water before pouring them into the pan they become nice and fluffy which apparently makes all the difference in the world to a baby. This theory has also been tested on toddlers with much success.

Toast is a staple breakfast food for my daughter because it is so versatile! And the perfect secret weapon to combat your child’s pickiness. Something about the crunch of toast pairs well with almost anything you could want too feed them! Our go to combinations are: toast with avocado. Which I highly recommend! Avocado is full of amazing and healthy omega fats. Toast with peanut butter again please proceed with caution and clearance from a pediatrician if allergy is suspected. Toast with butter and Toast with banana spread (aka smeared banana).

In all the trials and errors of exploring foods that my picky daughter will eat I have noticed one consistent trend. Plain, and bland foods get thrown on the floor or at the cat! So don’t be afraid of using low-sodium seasoning. Low or non-sodium seasonings are fantastic for spicing up your children’s food. And can turn a most hated meal into a new favorite! Experimenting is key!

Patience and trial and error are the only guaranteed steps for success in battling your baby’s taste buds. So hang in there! And don’t be afraid to step out of both of your comfort zones and try new, nutritious things. Or even new ways of preparing the old ones. Things are bound to get messy along the way but here’s to hoping they are delicious too.

Mia is young stay-at-home mother to a beautiful baby girl. A Jill of all home trades! With an extra passion in writing, cooking and any craft that involves hot glue guns. Trying to be the best teacher, playmate, mother and fiancé I can be for my family. While also trying to conquer and explore our beautiful province one town at a time and sharing my experiences every step of the way! 

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