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Published on Friday, October 10, 2014 by

Getting kids to help out around the house can be a hassle. It takes a lot of effort to motivate your children to start helping out around the house. Especially when your children are younger, it is hard for them to understand how much it can help out mom and dad. Here’s five tips to help make chores more fun for your children.

1. Do Chores in Groups
This is a great way to make helping out around the house as a family task. This way, not only will doing chores take less time, but it can also help your children learn teamwork. When children don’t feel like all of the pressure of getting their work done is their own responsibility, they become more willing to help out around the house. Plus, if one child sees another sibling helping, they tend to want to help too.

2.  Alphabetize your Belongings
Cleaning can also be an educational time for kids. If your children are in pre-school or kindergarten and are learning the alphabet, help reinforce their ability to alphabetize by sorting books on the shelf, or toys in their room from A to Z or Z to A (more challenging!).

3. Collect Loose Change
This is a great way to motivate younger children to tidy up around the house. Some children may be too young to receive an allowance when they first start helping do chores, but loose change is a small incentive that they can work towards. Let them keep all the loose change they find around the house and start a piggy bank. You can even purposely hide extra change around the house so that they feel even more rewarded!

4. Make Chore Songs
For younger children you can turn chores into a sing-a-long. Toddlers can get overwhelmed when new chores are given to them. Create a song about the process of washing the dishes, putting their laundry away, or making their bed. Even look up songs that already exist on YouTube. Let them play their favourite song all throughout the house to take their mind off each task. This is a way to transition the focus from doing work to having fun.

5.  Install a Chore App on Your Smartphone
Developers have created chore apps that can be both rewarding and fun for kids to get their chores done. Parents can quickly add chores to a scheduled list with different point values that can be put toward different rewards the parents set. Another added bonus is there is no longer a need to constantly nag your kids to get their chores done. After a chore is added to your list is stays there until it is finally checked and finished, which builds responsibility.

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