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Published on Monday, March 28, 2016 by

Ttoddler-potty-training240here is no way around it, potty training is time consuming and is often a frustrating task for many parents. As with any change, Potty Training takes time and consistency. Typically, we find that it takes a minimum of three weeks before parents see any significant and consistent change. In hopes of making the transition as smooth as possible, we’ve put together some “Do’s and Don’t of Potty Training.”

Do- Loose the Diapers
When it comes to sleep training, we often talk about removing props. When it comes to Potty Training, diapers function as the prop, and therefore, are the item that needs to be removed in order to see any success.

Do-Start with No Pants
It may be messy and prepare for accidents, but it is important to loose the pants when beginning the Potty Training process. Underwear can confuse children in the beginning because they do get muscle memory and so having no pants on for the first few days can really help when developing a new association.

Do-Use Proper Words
Distinguish between the potty and the toilet and call each what it is. Don’t call the potty the toilet and the toilet the potty as it only causes confusion.

Do-Look for Signs of Readiness
Signs of readiness can be things such as, your child telling you before he pees or right after, and taking her diaper off right after a pee. If your child is showing any of these signs, then he or she is probably ready to “loose the diapers for good.”

Don’t-Use Pull-Ups
Pull-ups are essentially glorified diapers. In order to see success, lose the pull-ups, you don’t need them and often they only delay the process.

Don’t-bite off More than you can Chew
Like all things, Potty Training is a process. Start with daytime Potty Training, move to naps, and loose the nighttime diapers last.

Don’t- Start during Transition or Chaos
New Baby? Just switched to a big kid bed? Kids need time to adjust to any change. If you are making any significant change in the near future, consider holding off on Potty Training until everyone has adjusted to the new routine.

We hope these Do’s and Don’t help you and your family get off to the right start!

Dawn Wittaker is a parenting consultant with a big focus on sleep and potty training. She has worked with thousands of families world wide, former nanny and mother of three children who resides in Langley. For more information or to reach Dawn www.dawnwhittaker.com

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