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Looking for things to do with the kids this March Break? Why not get them outside rather than going to the movies or hanging out at the house playing video games. It’s important to incorporate physical activity into the daily routine at a young age so it becomes second nature as an adult. BC has so many great options for outdoor activities – ski one of the local mountains like Grouse, Cypress or Seymour, go for a bike ride or rollerblade around the Seawall, hike through the endowment lands at UBC or at Lynn Canyon Park, or even just go for a walk to explore your local park/neighbourhood. The options are endless and getting active as a family will not only increase the time you spend together and your overall health, but is sure to keep the kids entertained.

By making sure to switch activities up and keep them exciting it will feel less like a chore and more like a break from the daily grind – and what better time to start than Spring Break! Parents, why not get active as a family? You are more prone to stick to physical activity when you have someone holding you accountable. Not only this, but you will create memories and a strong team dynamic where your children feel supported. Here are a few Spring Break ideas from ParticipACTION:

1. Snowshoeing at Cypress Mountain:
This can be a lot of fun and great exercise. You can pace yourself as there is the option of a guided tour or self-guided on the trails. Additionally, it gives you time to talk with your kids, with no cellphones or video games distracting you.  Prices can be found on their website at www.cypressmountain.com

2. Rollerblading and bike riding the Sea Wall:
This can be an inexpensive way to entertain the kids for a day. Pack a picnic lunch and ride the Seawall. You can play eye-spy around the water and learn about the history of Stanley Park. If you don’t have your own bikes you can rent them right in the park at Bayshore Rentals for reasonable price. Learn more at their website www.bayshorebikerentals.ca

3. Hiking at a local park:
BC is known for its beauty so why not take your kids out on an adventure! Have your child stop for a minute, close their eyes and ask them to tell you what they hear and smell. Activities like this illustrate how every little element creates the larger picture, and how together they create the beautiful province we live in. You can find a local GVRD park in your area via Metro Vancouver’s website: www.metrovancouver.org

4. Playing at your neighborhood park:
This can be a good way to encourage children to play in group settings, and can be a great way to instill confidence in the more timid. Begin by playing a favorite game of your child’s, and slowly interacting with other children on the playground. By encouraging group play in a safe setting you are teaching your kid about team dynamics and how to be a better communicator. This can also be beneficial for the video game lovers of the family.

This Spring Break get out there, get fit and make memories!

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