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Published on Thursday, October 1, 2015 by

How much stuff do you have in your home that you think you can sell? Do you have items that you have not used for one, two or even three years? Do you have other people’s stuff in your home that you would like to sell? Most people think it is a hassle selling your stuff online. I do not think this is true…if you are organized and have a plan.

#1 Condition of the item. It needs to be in excellent working order. Would you want to buy something online and then find out it does not work or parts are missing? Your items need to be in good condition. A few scratches on an older bookshelf are acceptable.

#2 Popularity of item. How popular is this item. Is it in vogue? Is there a need for this item? For example cell phones are a dime a dozen on Craigslist. If you want your cell phone to sell you need to make sure you use all 5 of my key tips in place. Let your ad stand out from the crowd.

#3 Good Pricing. This is a must when it comes to selling your stuff. People want a great deal. How fast do you want to sell your stuff? Pricing will determine this. If you do not get bites right away you need to adjust your pricing. If you have not had any inquiries in a few days you need to adjust your pricing. If an item does not sell in a week or so you need to look at other options. Things move FAST on Craigslist. If you want your price to be FIRM you need to mention that in your ad.

#4 Good Pictures. As you can see in the picture of the porcelain dolls you need good photos that show off details. Good lighting helps as well. If you are selling a TV stand be sure to remove any “clutter” from the stand. The buyer might think those items are for sale along with the TV and the stand.

#5 Good descriptions. This is important especially if there are other items in the photo. Be clear on what is for sale. Give measurements, colour, age, original price, and any other details that you can think of that would make the sale. If it is a couch were there any pets on it? Was it in a non-smoker’s home? Do you provide delivery? I always let my buyers know how much “man” power they will need. I do not want to be responsible for lifting heavy items in to a person’s truck. These are good details your buyer will want to know.

Once you get inquiries, set up your appointments on a fist come first serve basis. I take emails in the order in which they were received. I give out my phone number only to the serious buyers. I get the potential buyer to call me when they are close to my home. Then I give out my address. Make sure you are not home alone. Be safe and smart about selling your stuff. Meet the buyer outside. They do not need to come inside your home and see all your other belongings. If an item is too big to take outside make sure you have someone with you. Take only CASH.

Rowena List from Getting it Together – http://www.gettingittogether.ca/ provides hands on professional organizing, support in downsizing, productivity coaching and speaking engagements. I can show you how to “get it together” and keep it together. Clear the clutter now and forever

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