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Published on Saturday, March 2, 2013 by

Children love crafts. They seem to become fixated when they are drawing, painting, cutting, pasting and working through children crafts and activities. The sense of joy that children experience during the participation of arts and crafts is an unmistakable give away that something greater is going on with their learning.

Suggested Supplies:

– Stickers
– Sheets of colored felt fabric
– Scissors
– 1 Sheet of paper
– Glue

We started our adventure by going to a local dollar store. At the store we picked up stickers, felt and glue. At home I already had scissors and sheet of white paper.

My plan was the cut felt shapes and put them on the paper to make a background. Then my son could play with the stickers on the background.

I made clouds, a sun, grass and mountains and glued them to the page. Once it was dry, I taped the background to the top of his highchair table, opened up the stickers and let him go.

But, as with most activities with kids, it didn’t go how I had planned!  L hates things sticking to his hand, so he spent most of the time trying to get the stickers off his fingers!

Then he decided he wanted the shapes that were glued onto the background so, in no time at all, my custom background no longer had any felt shapes on it. But, it was a fun craft, and one that allowed him to explore different textures and shapes.

By Samantha: a mom of a 1 year old crazy, happy boy and resides in Surrey, BC. She works at home with her business and is a stay at home mom.

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