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Published on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 by

Parenting expert Kathy Buckworth provides tips and tricks on how to ensure a clean house for baby and toddlers.

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and you might get perspective on their life. Crawl a mile in baby’s shoes, and you could find hidden dirt and germs that have escaped your regular cleaning routine.

Although maintaining a clean and germ-free home is often top of mom’s check-list, parenting expert Kathy Buckworth suggests that you have to get a “baby’s eye view” to make sure you don’t miss  dirt and grime that adults wouldn’t normally see. It might sound strange, but getting on your hands and knees is the best way to assess whether your house is really baby-ready and toddler friendly.

“Babies require special considerations when cleaning,” says parenting expert Kathy Buckworth. “This can be a hard concept for new parents, but you really have to consider the areas your child might be getting into that you, or other adults, can’t see.”

Buckworth provides her top three tips for keeping a clean house for baby and toddlers:

1)  Do As Baby Does – Get on your hands and knees to take a look at your house from your baby’s perspective. You should target dust and dirt in baseboard grooves, under the bed or sofa, and in areas with high-foot traffic. “I’m a huge fan of the new Swiffer Sweep and Trap. It gets in all those hard to reach places and picks up all the day to day things from the kids – everything from dust to Cheerios,” says Buckworth.  “I also love the extendable arm on Swiffer Dusters when I need to reach baseboards and cabinets.”

2) Clean What Can’t Be Seen  – Babies can often reach the most unusual places, even those you wouldn’t think of cleaning. Be extra careful and pay attention to cleaning unseen places like under the fridge, behind the stove or inside your cupboards. “It’s important to use a powerful-cleaner when you’re in areas that may have gone neglected,” says Buckworth. “My daughter is allergic to mould, so I know how important it is to get these hidden areas extra clean. A concentrated cleaner like Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle will power through those layers of dirt quickly and get you on to more important tasks – like being with the kids!”

3) Free Yourself of Allergens – Caring for the kids is hard enough without having to worry about airborne allergens that can be annoying for mom. “I try to keep the house free of particles that flare up allergies,” Buckworth says. “I go for products that reduce airborne allergens and can be used on household fabrics. The Febreze Allergen Reducer range is great, and even comes unscented for sensitive noses.”

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