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Nobody ever said parenting was easy. In fact, many people consider it to be the most difficult job there is. When you lack support systems, and don’t know where to turn for answers to your parenting questions, it can all be very overwhelming.

Family life is complex, it presents many challenges, and finding your way as a parent may not be as clear-cut as you would like it to be. Since 1977, the BC Council for Families has been working to ensure that parents and families across the province have access to all of the support and encouragement they need.

For the last 36 years, we have been sharing our knowledge with families and providing assistance through our diverse set of programs and initiatives.

Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program
If you are a parent, and you’re experiencing difficulties in discovering your strengths, and building connections with other parents, the Nobody’s Perfect Program, is an exceptional resource in your community. Sessions run regularly all over the province, and are designed to be easily accessible to parents.

The program is free and babysitting is provided. Meals or snacks are offered and transportation assistance is also available. In the program you will receive support from a group of other parents through discussions about real-life parenting.

Sessions are facilitated by trained leaders who are there to offer direction and advice. This program is best suited to parents of children age from newborn to five however our suite of program offerings doesn’t end there.

Parent-Child Mother Goose® Program
This 10-week program assists your child in building language, pre-literacy, and cognitive skills. Parent-Child Mother Goose programs operate regularly in communities province-wide.

By spending time with your baby or toddler in the program, you will learn a whole repertoire of rhymes, songs, and stories that you and your child can cherish forever.

Interacting with other parents and young children in a relaxed, social environment will foster your child’s social skills, confidence, and self-esteem. It will also teach you new ways of playing and having fun with your child. If you’re looking to learn rhymes and stories in a welcoming, lighthearted environment, check out this free program.

My Tween and Me Program
Parenting challenges don’t end when the early years do, in fact, they may just be getting started.

The Tween and Me Parenting Program helps you to build a strong relationship with your children as pre-teens and provides you with the confidence to guide your children into the teen years.

Parents who take part in this program meet with other parents of tweens each week for a period of six weeks. Trained group leaders guide parents though discussions and learning activities exploring the key areas of a tween’s life: home and family, school and friends, and community life.

Maintaining a close relationship with your tween has shown to discourage risk-taking behaviours in your tween including the consumption of drugs and alcohol. This program will give you insight into the ways you can continue to influence your pre-teen’s choices, values, and goals.

Comfort is Knowing Access is Ultra-Easy|
Each parent has their own strengths and skills, and our programs are designed to help you figure out what yours are. Finding your identity as a parent doesn’t have to be difficult, and it’s one of the most essential things you can do to improve the quality of relationships in your family.

Family is at the core of our communities. It’s where we come into the world, where we’re taught and nurtured. Families have the potential to shape us into positive, functional community citizens.

The BC Council for Families continues to work hard reducing barriers to access. The organization offers a network of professionals and parent groups to help you get the answers you need through very comfortable and supportive settings. Regardless what challenges you may encounter, rest assured there is a program ideal for you and your circumstances.

Cara Hykawy is a Masters of Counselling Psychology candidate who works in the Communications Department at the BC Council for Families, where she enthusiastically advocates for families and family-serving professionals. Cara is passionate about utilizing social media to help get the message out that “healthy families” make “healthy communities”.

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