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June 14, 2012
Create Your Personal Brand

It seems that no matter what product you sell or service you are promoting others are doing something similar. How do YOU stand out and get customer’s attention with an abundance of choices on the market today?

It is beсоming increasingly important tо market yourself as the go to a person оr “expert” in your field. There are many people that I trust inherently on different subjects simply because they are knowledgeable in their field. They want to be help their customers, and they’re not constantly trying to sell anything. These are “experts” that I learn from, but also whom I would buy from because I trust their knowledge and expertise.

So how do you position yourself as an “Expert” while creating your own Personal Brand?

The First Step: Be Knowledgeable: Know a lot of about what you sell. If your run a store and sell many products pick one or two items. Study information about the product(s) and gain the knowledge so you can talk freely about their features and benefits and how the product(s) can help your customers.

The Second Step: Walk the Talk – Be the go to person for that product or service. Talk about the product, training you’ve received, your expertise, research you have done and ask your customers for questions so you can be will prepared.

The Third Step: Promote, Promote – Now that you have the knowledge and confidence and are the expert if your field – Promote It! Let your people you are the an expert. Host workshops, arrange speaking engagements, write articles about it and offer customers with one-on-one consultations if needed.

Being an expert in your field has long-term benefits and can:

– Establish yourself as an industry leader
– Help others and build word of the mouth
– Position you as a trusted resource
– Open up opportunities for interviews and media coverage
– Gain access to conference, networking events and speaking invites
– Convert followers to SALES



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