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Many business owners are overwhelmed with how to use all the social media especially Facebook. It is true that the world of social media has opened up new promotional avenues. In fact, it is a common myth that Social Media is all that is needed – but is it? Just do a little Facebook and Twitter and voila – tons of customers calling! If it were only that easy.

Last week it was brought to my attention that a major car company announced plans to stop advertising with Facebook Inc. after deciding that paid ads on the Facebook  site had little impact on car purchases. Many marketers in the past have raised the question, How effective is Social Media in selling more products and services or is it simply the “newest novelty”?

As I see it, Facebook is great for bringing attention to promotions or making important announcements to increase the visibility of your company.

My recommendation is to use Facebook and Twitter as an additional supplement to your regular advertising.  Consider how we take vitamins as dietary supplements and yet, they are not designed to replace a meal.  Similarly Social Media does not replace advertising but can be a “helpful supplement”. I suggest using it to highlight your current promotions, connect with your followers, draw attention to other regular advertising and give the heads up about your participation in an upcoming tradeshow.

Here are some thoughts to consider when using Social Media:

Do It Consistently: If you follow us on Facebook you’ll know that every Monday our followers receive a funny parenting cartoon. This is a constant I wanted to establish to give our readers a reason to smile   Monday mornings. We have received positive comments and most of all our followers show their appreciation by “liking our post”.  A mom mentioned she looks forward to her Monday morning chuckle as she’s running out the door off to work with the kids in tow.

Use the Space:   I have to admit while I wasn’t a fan of the Facebook Timeline feature at first, now I am warming up to the idea.  Facebook  has now given business owners  over  10 inches of space to feature a visual.

I have discovered the space useful for branding our Facebook page to be an extension of our website and promote the latest or upcoming edition. Our timeline image changes with each new magazine edition and we accomplish that by using various seasonal images and quotations so it is always fresh and interesting. That is what readers (and loyal followers)look forward to.

Know What Your Purpose Is: Our Facebook page goal is to promote our advertisers; promote the magazine and now build excitement for our new website.

After studying the ever-changing landscape of Social Media over recent years, one thing is clear to me. If we’re not interacting with your followers at least once day, we’re not doing an effective job in communicating with a people who have chosen to follow us.

I have discovered time and time again through experience and continual learning that the most powerful advertising strategy is more than words written on paper (budget/business plan) – it takes action – in fact, consistent action!

I welcome opportunities to help you keep the momentum going!

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