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Published on Thursday, January 2, 2014 by

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is over, there’s a cold nip in the air and cold season is hitting us. This year if your child or someone in the family is getting sick try our alternative essential oil blend to calm your cold.

If your child has a cold, there are some essential oils that are fantastic for that. You can simply put two drops of tea tree and one drop of eucalyptus oil into their bath, or you can put this same recipe into a vaporizer and have the essential oil vaporized into the room. You can get an eight ounce bottle of massage oil and put in six drops of eucalyptus oil and six drops of tea tree oil in.  If it is a really nasty cough or cold, adding two additional drops of pine into the same recipe and rubbing it on to their chest as well as their lower back in the morning and night will be very helpful, particularly if your children have some respiratory congestion.

If the child has the flu, the best remedy I can suggest would be thyme oil, scenting at least an eight ounce bottle, because it’s something that you will be using regularly for you and the whole family.  If someone is sick at home and the child has not caught the cold or flu yet, then preventatively putting the thyme oil on their feet at night will help boost their immune systems.  It will be helpful to put socks on their feet after the oil has been applied. If they won’t allow socks, that’s fine, but oil may get on the bed sheets a bit.  Putting oil on their feet in the morning and at night is helpful to keep their immune systems high whilst someone is sick in the rest of the home.

If the child is sick themselves, then make sure you put the oil on in the morning and night and two or three times during the day.  The big thing with aromatherapy and getting rid of a condition such as a cold or flu is that you want to make sure that you use the essential oils repeatedly through the condition.  You need to make sure that the cold or flu has completely gone before you stop using the essential oil recipe.

By: Deborah Drummond
Owner and President of Metropolitan Relaxation and Opal Intuitive
www.metropolitanrelaxation | www.opalprofessionalintuitive.com

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