My Story

Like you, I wear many hats. I am a mom, business owner and business/marketing professional. Back in 2005 when I started my Mom and Baby fitness business, I must admit I was fixated on getting customers. Like many business owners, I had my share of struggles and doubts.

I kept thinking: “Just how do I build a new business with limited resources?” Having my post-secondary education in business and marketing, I knew first and foremost I needed to get to the heart of where my potential customers were. So I studied diligently how to market to moms. Then I started out speaking at Mom & Baby Groups, handing out flyers, participating in tradeshows and consistently advertising in Urbanbaby & Toddler magazine. That’s me in the picture with moms from my fitness class.

Yes I am proud to say that I was a regular advertiser of Urbanbaby & Toddler magazine prior to coming on board as the publisher in September 2011.

Some of you might recall that familiar hair loss commercial: “I’m not only a CEO, I’m also a client” Well, that’s me. (Click here to see my advertisement from 2010). Several years ago when I was trying to promote my fitness company Runners and Booties Fitness and get the best possible return for every ad dollar, I quickly discovered how coverage of Urbanbaby & Toddler magazine was helping me grow my business.

Before my son was born, my previous work experience as a marketing director/supervisor had shown me what my post-secondary education taught me – marketing has to be consistent! Over time as I was able to gradually expand my fitness business over several years, I saw for myself how consistent advertising in the right vehicle can be powerful in reaching the mom market.

It helped me build name awareness, expand and become more and more profitable into my seventh year. Ever ask yourself: “With so many choices out there, how do I successfully build my brand?” Ever wonder: “How do I cost-effectively reach the mom market on a consistent basis?”

Well if that is the case, I would love to talk to you how we might strategize together to help you grow your business.

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