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Published on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 by

I’ve recently had the joy of helping a couple with two small children, one three and one two, to stage their home for sale.

I had the utmost empathy and sympathy for the parents, particularly the Mother, as her emotions and mentality were split amongst the children, the cleaning, the staging, the shopping, the food prep, the husband and of course, herself.

I encouraged the three year old to help in small ways like:  keeping all the toys off the floor so we could make the house “pretty for pictures”.  She was willing but was curious as to why we were going to take pictures of her house.

I persuaded the parents to put all the small toys, except for 3 favourites, away in the garage.  This is definitely the easiest way to keep the house “show ready” without a mad dash to “clean up” with every call.

We also staged both children’s bedrooms which required some moving around of their furniture.  Of course, this also included a huge declutter which the eldest wasn’t particularly keen on.  However, we were able to dwindle down the piles of toys and books to those most often used & loved.

The Mother had the job of distracting her daughter and help her focus on her favourite things so she wouldn’t miss all the stuff.  The Mother’s big issue was that most of the toys and books had been gifts and she didn’t feel right giving them away.

I promoted regifting or exchanging of gifts simply because most parents have set ideas on what kinds of toys and books they feel is appropriate for their own children and these are the best ways not to acquire huge amounts of stuff.

It was most helpful to have a garage to put packed items into, as well as, items to be sorted and purged.  The Father was tremendously obliging in his efforts to move the stuff that would hinder the staging process in the main parts of the house.

Of course, a good cleaner should be hired a day or two before the open house.  The cleaner should clean things like:  light switches, chandeliers, door knobs, mirrors, window sills, windows, walls, all appliances, ledges/shelves, picture frames, and of course, all large surfaces like floors and counters.

Ensure that the front of the house/home has curb appeal.  This is done by cleaning, having easy access to the front entry and complimentary colours and good landscaping.  Unfortunately, weeds galore, a sandy walkway and a peeling front door won’t entice buyers inside.

My client’s had the front door and trim of the house painted, did a good sweeping, trimming and weeding.  Success was assured because of all the work we did as a team and the  house received an accepted offer within 3 days of the open house.

By: Duhita Speck www.yourworldinorder.com
Duhita can assist in the sale of your home through staging, keep your life simple through organizational know-how, and add style to your home with design skills. Contact Duhita at www.yourworldinorder.com

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