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Are you an UrbanDad? Our UrbanDad spotlight features every day British Columbia parents who are raising their children and come from all walks of life from new moms to moms with tots or even teenagers.

moshinwinMeet our featured UrbanDad Moshin.  Father to Zoya 2.5 years old  and Kian,
6 months old

1) What is the best part about being a dad?
Everyday is so exciting. I enjoy being such a big part of their lives and watching them grow and learn. They have even taught me a few things.

2) What is your favourite activity to do with your children?
We love to explore new parks in the city; ride our bikes together and pretend we are “tourists on an adventure” as we ride on the sky train.

3) What is your favourite movie?
I have too many to mention although the one that stands out for me is: Monty Python.

4) What is one product or service you can’t live without?
My Surface computer and Smartphone are my must-haves. Both enable me stay in steady contact with my friends and family.

5) How do you find some “daddy time?”
My wife is amazing! She knows I love concerts, so I am able to attend quite a few with friends. If I really want “daddy time,” it is late at night –when everyone is sleeping –because I am quite the ‘night owl’.

6) What advice would you give other Dads?
Learning to adjust to the new responsibilities and expectations may feel overwhelming at first, but you’ll have plenty of time to get it right. Enjoy all those special moments because your children will grow up fast. I have learned to cherish the small stuff before it disappears.

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