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Striving to achieve work-life balance can be challenging for moms. So how does one achieve career
and personal goals while still keeping family life a high priority? Read about these inspiring moms who
are living in the moment and making specific life choices so they can spend quality time with their
growing families.

Holly Choi
Co-Owner, Safe Beginnings First Aid
Holly discovered her passion for teaching and mentoring while working in the medical software field for over five years. Following the birth of her first child in the summer of 2015, she was certified as a First Aid Instructor with the Lifesaving Society BC/Yukon Branch. Shortly thereafter, Holly and her sister became co-owners of Safe Beginnings First Aid. Their company educates over 250 caregivers each month with essential lifesaving skills for small children. She values the flexibility of being self-employed because it allows her to spend more time with her two-year old daughter. She is expecting her second child in the New Year.

Adrienne Lloyd
Banking Advisor
Adrienne works as a Banking Advisor for a large financial institution. As a working mother, she is learning how to achieve work/life balance. After having her child, she suffered from postpartum depression and going back to work heightened that for her. While sharing her struggle with post-partum depression, she heard from numerous moms who had suffered in silence. Despite her struggles, she was successful in losing 120 pounds and has kept the weight off. Adrienne’s hope is that her stories of determination will be encouraging to other mothers trying to find a balance.

Jory Threinen
It Works, Independent Distributor
Jory is a mother to two beautiful daughters, ages seven months and and four-years old. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for six years. This busy mom works three days a week as a sales and marketing coordinator at the Delta Burnaby hotel. She is also an Independent Distributor for It Works (a health and wellness company). She makes time to volunteer at her local elementary school, where her daughters will go to school when they are older. Jory believes that with balance and dedication, a mom can do anything she desires. As a caring person, she is proud to be that friend who will listen to someone’s troubles and provide guidance for moving in the right direction. She strives to do her best in all her roles and is always looking for ways she can improve from the day before.

Lisa Bruce
Placement Manager, Nannies on Call
Lisa is mom to two wonderful children, seven-year old daughter and 11-year old son. She is thankful to be married to a “wonderful husband”. For over ten years, she has worked as a Placement Manager for Nannies On Call, a Vancouver-based live-out Nanny agency. She particularly enjoys placing passionate and professional nannies with hardworking, corporate and often high-profile clients. Lisa considers her work engaging especially when she places an outstanding nanny with a family that hasn’t had luck on their own! Offering advice and educating families on how to go about hiring nannies is her passion. According to Lisa, her decade of experience combined with being a mom has helped her immensely in relating well with clients.

Tanja Kankaansyria
Co-owner, Gathered – A Boxed Collection
Tanja, a single parent and business owner, is mom to a 11-year old son. This hard-working mom and her twin sister are co-owners of the Gathered — A Boxed Collection. Their subscription gift box company and online retail store both specialize in items for newborns, toddlers and children up to age six. The twin sister duo recognized the growing popularity of subscription boxes when started their unique company that encouraged family connections and celebrated Canadian products. Motherhood has been the most rewarding part of Tanja’s life, and as a single parent, she loves to share this experience with her son. Tanja’s goal is to demonstrate to him that hard work will take you far in life; and that success is attainable, if you do the work, have faith; and have as much fun as possible while achieving your goals.

Codi Darnell
Blogger • www.helpcodiheal.com
Codi is a mother of three and a blogger at www.helpcodiheal.com. After falling ten feet in March of 2016, she became a T-11 paraplegic and now lives her life in a wheelchair. According to Codi, her amazing husband and two boys, ages six and seven gave her tremendous emotional strength and support after her accident. Through her blog she gives others an insight into her life as a wife, mother and paraplegic. Codi says her blog serves a dual-purpose. Writing about her journey has helped her cope and wrap her mind around all of the changes that occurred in her (along with all the emotions that come as a result of those changes). She also sees her blog as a way to spread awareness of what being a wife and mom with a disability looks like. Codi believes it is helpful for adults to get an understanding of what her life is like. She has noticed that some parents get flustered when they think that their child will ask her questions or say the wrong thing in front of her. This very inspiring mother doesn’t want people to feel uncomfortable around her or others in a similar situation. It is Codi’s goal to help ease those tensions for everyone around her.


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