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Published on Sunday, May 12, 2013 by

Taking the full year off after having a baby can leave a wide gap in your resume. Babies are demanding, and attending night classes or online seminars while on parental leave is not always realistic.  Luckily there are ways to maintain your resume while taking care of baby, in as little as 15 minutes per week.



Learn to Code
Every business, organization and shop has a website or blog, and these constantly need updating, formatting and debugging.
Knowing basic coding skills can add real value to your resume.You can learn to code online, for free, at your own pace. Check out codeacademy.com (www.codeacademy.com) for easy-to-follow tutorials that you can stop and start as quickly as baby wakes up and falls asleep.

Get Really Skilled at Social Media
If you can find time to upload 50 photos of baby’s first smile, you can probably find time to brush up on social media skills. Knowing how to design, target, and purchase Facebook advertising is a valuable skill in many companies, and it’s not difficult to learn. You can even practice on Facebook in real time: just click on “Ads Manager” on the left hand side of your home screen to get started. Don’t forget to press “cancel” before actually running an ad.

Update your Language Skills
Knowing a second language comes in handy in virtually all fields, but especially one in which you interact directly with customers or clients.
You can learn French, Mandarin, Farsi, and many others, online, at your own pace, for free.

Check out Memrise.com (www.memrise.com) for user-friendly courses that feel more like video games than school. These language courses can be paused and resumed whenever you like.

These skills can be learned in short bursts as busy schedules allow. Don’t worry about devoting hours to learning; your first priority is to your baby. Just sneak in a little bit here and there, and by the time you go back to work, you’ll have a valuable new skill to offer.

Sarah Murray

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