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Published on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 by

Jacob’s Shapes ($1.99) is a cute kids app that helps children learn shapes and objects. The well-designed interface is easy to use, even for young kids, and there is plenty of variety in the 20+ puzzles. Kids are prompted to slide each item into the appropriate cut-out shape on the puzzle; once correctly placed, the app speaks the shape’s name.

Wheels on the Bus ($0.99) is one of the most popular iPhone apps for kids. Designed for younger children in preschool or kindergarten, Wheels on the Bus is an interactive book set to the classic children’s song. Children can read along with the lyrics or listen to the song in several different languages, including German, French, or Spanish. To keep things entertaining, kids can tap the screen to open the doors, make the wheels move, or even record their own singing.

Peekaboo Barn ($1.99)¬†there’s no better kids’ app for learning the names of animals or the sounds they make. The graphics are super cute, and the app includes written and verbal cues in both English and Spanish. Kids can tap on the screen to view a new animal, or guess the name of the animal just by hearing the sound it makes. New animals are added occasionally, and the latest update includes a mouse, chicken, and rabbit.

Park Math ($1.99)
is a new kids app from the developers of Wheels on the Bus, reviewed above. It introduces preschool math concepts, including basic addition and subtraction, for kids ages 1 through 6. Kids can also learn how to count to 20 (or up to 50 in level 2). The graphics and music are great — the Park Math app includes popular nursery rhymes like “This Old Man” and “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.

Preschool Adventure ($0.99)¬†has a number of basic interactive and educational games. Kids can learn to match colors, count to 10, or learn basic shapes. There’s also matching games and a game to learn about animal sounds and noises. Like most kids apps, Preschool Adventure nails it on the cuteness factor, with lots of bright, cleverly drawn characters.

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