DIY with the Kids: Valentine’s Day Craft

avacraftphoto1240As parents, we all love to collect the home-made crafts from our children to place in their baby book or memory box but the crafts  that become our most favourite are the ones when our children can actually start doing them by themselves.

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to do some simple and cost effective crafts with things that you have around the house. Now that I am the  parent of a school aged child, we come home with a ton of paper, including paper cards. Each day, I believe between daycares, preschools, and kindergarten, we probably use enough paper to kill a forest. Here is a clever way to make your own Valentine’s Day gifts rather than using more paper that will get thrown out later.  These are so cute, you will want to keep them around!

In the spirit of not wasting, you could also use some of your child’s art work that has been hiding in that box, while you’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it!

All of the items below, used in the making of this craft, were purchased at the Dollar Tree over the years,  and you will need the following:

neededphoto2240Popsicle Sticks
Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Pipe Cleaners
Googly Eyes
Paper Doilys
Foam Hearts or Foam to make your own heart head


hearts1photo3240Step 1:
Begin by cutting out hearts to whatever size you’d like, I started by cutting them quite large, but I did make a few different sizes. For the head, you will want to cut small ones or, if you had foam hearts, disregard this sentence. If you are using foam to make your own heart, you will then want to cut them out quite smaller at this time. For this project, I used just some valentines day paper that I had saved from a previous year, but you could also use some of your child’s drawings or construction paper.


gluephoto4240Step 2:
You will want to glue the paper doily to the construction paper heart and then glue the two hearts together at the bottom peak of each one, so they look like wings. Then place the popsicle stick in between the two hearts that you just glued together and there you have your butterfly.



 finishedphoto5240Step 3
Glue your googly eyes to your foam heart, or small construction heart. I prefer to use larges eyes but you can use whatever you’d like. Then you will want to cut your pipe cleaners into small pieces, for the small babes, you may want to do this part for them. Curl the one end in to make the antenna’s and glue to the head. You will then glue the head to the top of the popsicle stick and your voila, you have a super cute little butterfly made of hearts to give out as a Valentine’s Day present to your favorite teacher, best friend or family member.

Once the kids are sleeping, I like to take my glue gun and go back in glue the wings to the body and the head to the popsicle stick or just any place that might need an extra TLC.

I like to do this because my daughter is so very independent and likes to do everything on her own, so I let her do it all on her own and then go back in later, just to secure it all a little bit better so it doesn’t fall apart and she still feels proud that she has done it by herself.

familyphoto4240Every year we do this craft and we just write the To and From right on to the wing.  Each year,we add the new butterflies to Ava’s collection by hanging them from her ceiling.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, hope you had a lot of fun crafting with us! XO

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