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Published on Thursday, February 26, 2015 by

daddiapering240In my line of work, I spend a lot of time talking to moms. I hear the same two comments  over and over: 1) I would like to cloth diaper, but my husband/boyfriend/partner won’t be able to handle cloth diapers. 2) I would need the super simple to use ones, or my husband/boyfriend/partner won’t be able to figure them out.

Oh dear. I don’t know if I am just infinitely lucky to be surrounded by capable men or if the men of the world have cleverly got us all fooled (like when my husband tried to convince me he couldn’t clean bathrooms because he “just didn’t know how”). Here is the big secret…. DUDES CAN CLOTH DIAPER TOO!!! Really, they can. No matter how well-endowed they think they are that Y chromosome is never going to be big enough to impede their ability to change a bum.

I will share a glimpse into our lives for a moment to prove this point. My darling husband, Bryan had never held a baby before our daughter was born, let alone changed a diaper. Within a month, he was the self- declared diaper champion of our household. After two kids, he can now Snappi on a prefold at 3am in a dark room with his eyes closed in less than 20 seconds. He is the Prince of Poop, the Duke of DooDoo, the King of Kaka and the Sultan of…well, this is a family magazine, so I will stop there.

There was also a hidden benefit to Bryan taking over bum changes that neither of us expected. I exclusively breast fed both of our babies, which was very hard work, especially in the early days. As much as Bryan wanted to help, the majority of time all he could do was hand a crying baby to me and stand by while I sat and nursed. By necessity, I was the Alpha and Omega in our daughter’s life while Bryan watched from the sidelines. This changed when he took over diaper changes. Bum change time turned into a special bonding time between the two of them. They came up with games, sang songs and laughed like loons together. It sowed the seeds of an incredible bond between them which remains super-strong  today. And for me, it was an incredible mental relief to relinquish the reins of parenthood for a few minutes at a time.

When you are making the decision about whether to use cloth or disposables, your man may surprise you. My husband was hell-bent on using disposables because they were “easier,” but pulled a 180 when he heard the financial and health benefits of using cloth. While doing cloth diaper workshops, I have seen that same attitude change when I discuss the chemicals that are used in disposables. Many dads who are there just to appease their partner sit up and listen at this point. One commented to me later that he had never really considered it, but it hit home when I told him that with cloth, you have full control over what chemicals are reaching baby’s bum. Dads care every bit about their baby’s health as moms do; they just aren’t able to make as many decisions as mom does due to their distinct lack of a uterus.

So my advice (unsolicited of course) to all the dads out there is to dive into diaper duty. It could mean the difference between sanity and complete meltdown for mom, and it is one more chance for you to start building an incredible relationship with baby. So jump right to the Diaper Change Octagon and give it a chance. You can be the Undisputed World Champion of the Poop UFC in your home. BJ Penn and GSP will look on with envy in their eyes as Dana White hands you that coveted gold belt (okay, my UFC knowledge is pretty dated, but frankly, GSP is too hot not to mention) … well, maybe there isn’t currently a Poop UFC, but still give diaper duty a try. And if you have made the decision to cloth diaper, don’t sell yourself short. There are no cloth diapers so complicated that men can’t change them. Really. You guys have marketed yourselves as the stronger gender for many decades. Show us what you’ve got!

And ladies, give your guy some credit. He is more than capable of changing any diaper, cloth or otherwise. I still think back with fond memories of watching my daughter coo at my husband while he changed her diaper, and marvels at how close the two of them are today. Give your partner that chance to be the MVP in one aspect of their baby’s life. What happens may surprise you. And if you don’t know who GSP is, do a Google image search. You are welcome.

Katie is the owner of Bumbini Cloth Diaper Company, and mom to two crazy cloth diapered kiddos. In her spare time, she writes about the nuttiness that is our family life, and dream about a day where I have actual spare time.

Website: www.bumbini.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bumbiniclothdiapercompany

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