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In my seven years of teaching I have encountered many different types of learners.  Each with their own unique styles of learning and styles of completing assignments.  However, what amazes me is the point when a concept “clicks” for a child which turns their whole learning environment around and the accomplishment on their faces is priceless. For some students this can be very difficult to do in the class and many parents/students are flocking to tutors to help them succeed.

Tutors can be very helpful in assisting students reach that “ah hah” moment, but parents and students need to be very diligent when choosing a tutor. The “right” tutor for one child many not be the “right” tutor for another  student since needs are individualized. Tutoring in many places is unregulated and it is important to find a tutor that not only is affordable, but has the skills to help you reach your goals.  Many times in my career I have found that people stick with ineffective tutors because “that tutor worked for their friend and they do not want to hurt the tutor’s feelings”.  Well, I am here to tell you that it is okay to go elsewhere! I am not saying that the tutor you are using is not skillful, but they simply may not have the required skills to teach you the way that you specifically learn. You have a unique learning style and you need to find someone that complements it.

At www.mytutorstop.com we have collected feedback from both students and tutors that has assisted students in finding a tutor that fits their unique learning styles and we would like to share them with you.  We believe that it is not only important to have a business that provides students with a single hub to find tutors that fit their needs, but also to educate students about how to find the right tutor to help them succeed.

Here’s a few tips:

1. Have a clear idea of what type of help you are looking for; do you need to learn a concept, practice a skill set, or do you simply need someone to help with homework?  Clarifying what you need help with will allow you to search for a tutor with those skills. If you are a parent of a young student, go to your child’s teacher or past report cards to help you narrow down what type of assistance your child needs.

2. Once you have a clear idea of what type of assistance you need, it is important to make a schedule for tutoring times. Remember, you are paying for the service and should be able to plan it around your daily life demands.  Being flexible is important and we suggest making more slots of time than is needed so that if one slot doesn’t work you have a back-up. However, if the tutor does not fit into your schedule it is best to look for someone else. Through feedback, we have learned that tutors really appreciate the honesty because they find if the time does not work for you that many people cancel appointments.

3. Ask to see lesson plans and talk to tutors about what types of strategies that they have used. Tutors who are skillful in certain areas of education will have plenty of examples and things to say about how they go about teaching concepts.  If your child has a disability it is important to know that the tutor has the necessary tools to assist your child.  Many tutors with specializations will not only come with skills, but the schedules, assessments and other tools needed to help the student.

4.  Ask about assessments and how progress will be tracked.  Assessment and tracking progress is just as important as acquiring skills.  Assessment will show you what you have learned and need to review and tracking  progress will help you see if the tutor is helping over time.  Remember, tutors are not miracle workers so it is important that you provided realistic timeframes to acquire skills.

5. Finally, remember to do reference checks for all tutors that you interview and to work in a public place with the tutor. Besides verifying credentials and work quality a reference check can help you stay safe. If possible get a criminal record check done through your local police department if the tutor is working with young children.  As the tutor industry is unregulated it is important to stay safe. Many tutors we talked to said that they would not mind giving references and doing checks if it meant getting a position. (Extra Tip: If the tutor says they are a teacher, go to their teaching college and certification website as many of these sites have a search that will tell you about the teachers discipline history and how long they have been a holder of their certification.)

For more learning tips, finding a tutor, or if you want to learn more about www.mytutorstop.com feel free to visit our website and/or our Facebook-Twitter pages

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