Celebrity Parents

Lorriane Pond from Bobs & Lolo
Bobs and LoLo are two local gems and two years ago whenTreehouse TV started airing their music videos, parents and kids right across Canada learned what many Vancouver area families have known since 2003. Robyn Hardy (Bobs), and Lorr...
Financial Guru: Gail Vaz-Oxlade
She has helped parents, families, home owners and even a few princesses along the way. She is a mother of two and a financial guru with several television shows and books under her belt. Gail Vaz-Oxlade is one tough cookie...
Cupcake Girls
Nine years ago, it was an idea, a concept, and a leap of faith. Today, it’s a growing business with eight locations across BC, a TV show (The Cupcake Girls on W Network), and a soon-to-be book. Heather White and Lori Joyce, the Cupcake Gi...
Amy Beeman
If you’re a morning commuter, chances are you know Amy Beeman as a co-host and producer of The Beat 94.5’s “The Kid Carson Show.” And if you’re a regular listener, you also know that she just gave birth—to twins!...
Tamara Taggart
As CTV’s local weathercaster, Tamara Taggart is a familiar face to most Vancouverites— delivering the forecast on-location or from the studio every weekday. She is also mother of two toddlers with her musician-husband Dave Genn (with b...
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