Celebrity Parents

Alyson Schafer
Despite a huge smorgasbord of parenting information readily available, the advice can be murky sometimes. Thankfully there are experts who can help shed light on the shadowy parts of being a parent. Alyson Schafer is a Canadian psychotherap...
Pattie Mallette: Justin Bieber’s Mom
Millions call her Mom: millions of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers that is! Pattie Mallette, a.k.a. Studio Mama is Justin Bieber’s mother. For some time she was known as Studio Mama to Twitter Fans,who gradually got to know her by her...
Leanne Laine, BC Artist
Visual art has always been Leanne’s passion for as long as she can see. However, like many people, Leanne was raised with very traditional values to grow up and become something more “practical” to keep up with this fast-paced society...
Global BC: Kristi Gordon
Kristi Gordon was born and raised in White Rock, BC. After spending eight years at UBC earning two science majors in Meteorology and Physical Geography, she started her broadcasting career in major Canadian cities. She is a meteorologist as...
Lorriane Pond from Bobs & Lolo
Bobs and LoLo are two local gems and two years ago whenTreehouse TV started airing their music videos, parents and kids right across Canada learned what many Vancouver area families have known since 2003. Robyn Hardy (Bobs), and Lorr...
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