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Published on Friday, May 20, 2016 by

babytalk240From the first word out of our children’s mouths to the long descriptive stories they love to tell as they get older, language is an important piece of child development.

“Aren’t you just the cutest, iddy, biddy precious sweetie-pie.  Yes, Mommy dust loves her little sweetie.”

There’s nothing like a tiny baby to destroy our ability to speak in a mature and sensible manner. It seems that parents either talk baby talk to their infant in a high, squeaky voice or become totally silent. And neither does much to help your child develop language.

Speak to your child in your normal voice using correct words. As your child learns to speak she is likely to create some new words all her own.  One common baby word is blanky, instead of blanket. Don’t correct her, just use the proper word yourself.  So when little Jennifer asks for her blanky hand to her and say, “Here’s your blanket.

It isn’t just parents who succumb to the temptation to change their voice and language at the sight of a baby.  So, when Aunt Sophie resorts to baby talk, just repeat what she said in correct English. But do talk. Changing, feeding or bathing a child in total silence won’t help her develop language. It feels silly, but just chat about what you’re doing as you change her, or about the plans for the day.

Hearing your voice and experiencing correct language will help your baby to speak well.

Kathy Lynn is a parenting expert and Canada’s leading speaker on parenting issues and has helped thousands of parents to regain some order in their lives. She is an accredited educator, holding the Certified Canadian Family Educator accreditation which is recognized in Canada and recommended for all parenting speakers and authors.  www.parentingtoday.ca

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