What to Pack for the Hospital

I have always been a planner by nature, I prep things much in advance and I was no different when it came to packing my hospital bag for the big day. I researched websites and forums, read magazines, browsed books and asked some family and friends. Even after all that I still wasn’t sure on what was needed – I have compiled a list of items I consider to be must have’s.

For Mom:

  • Flip flops/slippers – this was not something I originally packed in my bag, nor was it something anyone had recommended to me. This was a last minute item that I had my mom get for me. I had a pair for walking around the hospital halls with and also a pair for the shower.
  • Lip Chap – this was something I read on numerous sites and I didn’t understand the importance until the time of. I went nearly 20 hours with no food or drink so my lips had gotten chapped badly and quickly.
  • Comfortable loose or stretchy clothing – whether natural birth or caesarean you are bound to be in some amount of discomfort and anything restrictive will just
  • Comfortable underwear – Briefs or boy shorts will be your best friend during the first few days.
  • Pads – This is something the hospitals will have for you but if you have a preference then it’s best to bring them along with you.
  • Necessities – Travel sized toothbrush and paste, deodorant, travel size shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, ponytails and bobby pins.
  • Camera or phone – You will want to have some photos of this memorable day.
  • Magazines or a book to read – Whether you are having a natural birth or a caesarean there is bound to be some time of waiting and although all the nurses recommend getting some sleep in before the baby arrives, who actually does? I was a ball of nerves and sleep was the last thing on my mind, taking your mind off of the situation in some mindless reading can help to calm your nerves.

For Baby: 

  • Nursing essentials or your own choice of formula – I went unprepared for both! If you plan on nursing bring all your essentials along with you so you and your little one can get a hang of things from the get go. If you plan on formula feeding bring along your formula brand of choice and the bottles you plan on using for your little one so he or she can get the hang of things also.
  • Pacifier – If you plan on using a pacifier for your little one bring along a few different types – babies tend to get picky with pacifiers and it may take a few try’s before finding one they like.
  • Baby’s body wash for their first bath – Some parents choose to delay the first bath but we chose to have him bathed the following day. We did not bring our wash for him, however the hospital provided small containers for their first bath. The reason I have this on the list is because I wish I would have brought him his own natural organic brand we chose to go with.
  • Baby mitts – our son was overdue and with most babies overdue their nails can be quite long and can scratch their delicate new skin very easily which is why these mitts come in handy.
  • Baby hat – these help keep babies heads warm while the adjust to life outside your belly, and they look so darn cute!
  • Receiving blankets – I didn’t realize just how handy receiving blankets are. In the hospital we used them to make the “candy canes” to support our sons newborn neck in the car seat and for warmth during our cuddles.
  • A couple outfits – I wasn’t planning on a caesarean however towards the end of my 41st week of pregnancy and zero signs of labour I decided to throw in a couple extra newborn outfits for the stay as I figured it wouldn’t be an in and out stay.

Angel Fisher is a mother to a rambunctious toddler by the name of Valentino, a Canadian & United States scenic photographer and local lifestyle photographer. To see her latest imagery you can follow her on instagram @lifestyleofvalentino or check in with her on the Urban Baby & Toddler’s instagram @urbanbabymag.

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