Preparing for Baby Step-by-Step

Expecting a baby is an exciting and nerve-racking experience. Each month serves as an opportunity to make preparations and review your progress. By making sure you accomplish certain goals each month you and your partner will be well- prepared for the new addition to your family. After baby arrives, life gets really busy and you will be thankful you took care of things well in advance.

Month One: Test is positive!! Woohoo! Now is the time to discuss how you and your partner plan to announce your happy news. Who do you want to tell, when and how? Talk about the details so that when you finally spill the beans, you are both on the same page.

Month Two: What kind of help do you want during delivery? Talk it over with your partner.  Who will you include on your birth support team? If you would like to work with a Doula, you will want to book early, so this would be a good time to interview and find that perfect fit.

Month Three: First Ultrasound: Could there be twins? If you are expecting more than one baby, finding out early definitely has its advantages. You will want to stock up on extra baby essentials.

Month Four:  Waiting to purchase maternity wear until you are showing will ensure you find better fitting clothes. Before you buy, think about seasonal changes during your pregnancy.

Month Five: Now is a great time to design and decorate the nursery. Even though you may not know the gender of your baby you can still pick a decorating theme and start setting up the nursery. This accomplishment is sure to make you and your partner feel great about this very joyful time in your life.

Month Six: Meet with a professional financial advisor to prepare for your new responsibilities.  An advisor can work with you and your partner to plan your family budget and determine changing insurance needs. You will also get guidance in reaching retirement and education savings goals.  Some advisors offer home visits which makes the financial planning process very convenient for you. This gives you and your partner some peace-of-mind before baby arrives.

Month Seven: Pack your suitcase for the hospital including all the essentials for you and baby. Check out our article on What to Pack for the Hospital.

Month Eight: This month you will probably be the guest of honour at one or more baby showers. Take some time to register for any baby essentials you need. Many stores offer an online registry you can access from the comforts of home. Let the organizer of your baby shower know where you have registered.

Month Nine: Work with your partner and labour team to finalize any priorities on your birth plan.  No matter what you expect your labour experience to be like, it can turn out quite different for various reasons. Writing down your wishes for the experience will help your team take care of things while you are in the delivery room so you can just “enjoy and be in the moment!”

In your final few weeks of pregnancy, put your feet up and get as much sleep as you can. Be well-prepared with your suitcase ready because you just never know when (day or night) you will be delivering your baby!

Angela lives in Maple Ridge with their three children, two and a half year old twin boys and their six-month old daughter.  Angela enjoys keeping fit, spending time with her children outdoors and helping others through her work.

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