Is Your 3 Year Old Potty Trained? Don’t Stress, Mine Is Not!

Regardless of whether it’s your first or third child, the stresses to conform to other parents expectations are everywhere.  Maybe it’s grandma who is insisting at every family dinner that your son should already be potty trained, or maybe it’s the friend on Facebook who rants about the ease at which her toddler was trained using the three-day method. It’s a tough world for parents.

I will admit, I started potty training my oldest son at 21 months; he was showing signs of being ready, I knew other mom’s who had successfully trained at the same age and I was feeling pressure from daycare about starting the process.

Here I was, months and months of carrying around spare changes of clothes for the constant accidents, watching my other mom friends at ease with kids still in diapers while I closely kept mine at the corner of my vision, checking for that sign of “I HAVE TO GO PEE!”.

I couldn’t help but judge them for their kids still being in diapers.  In hindsight, maybe I was jealous.  In the moment, I thought, “come on already, join the club!”.

I write this watching my three year old, playing happily sporting a pull-up.  No fears and constant worries that he might have to go pee or worse, a poop accident at the store when I forgot the spare change of clothes… The weight has been lifted; I no longer care what other outside eyes may be thinking because we are happy; we are content!

Admittedly, we did try potty training again 6 months ago, and yes we had short lived success with peeing on the potty.  Poop…another story.  So I gave up, again.  I quit, quitting. I was not interested in cleaning poopy underwear day after day, and nor was I going to make our daycare deal with it either.  We went back to pull-ups and we haven’t looked back… for now anyways.

Eventually we will have to potty train, but not yet.  We simply were not ready.  So please, take it from me and do not stress if YOU are not ready to potty train.  Do not stress that YOUR CHILD is not either!  (PS Pampers and Huggies thank you!  We all know how pricey diapers are.)  Eventually that moment will come.  It will be tough and whether potty training a 1 year old or a 3 year old, there will always be that learning curve.

But do it when you are ready, when your child is ready and in the meantime, enjoy!

Lindsay is a freelance writer, photography enthusiast, lifetime traveller and a lover of learning. She resides in Langley with her husband and two sons and you will likely find her on the soccer field she she is not jet setting abroad. Follow her at

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