Beach Bound: Five Local Kid-Friendly Beaches to Explore

When you are looking for fun ways for the family to cool off during those warm summer days, head to the beach! Families living in on the Westcoast are fortunate to have incredible beaches within easy access.

Think about your favourite family photos. Chances are you have that perfect caption of your children building a sand castle and another of them having a blast just wading in the water. Each time you take them to the beach you have an opportunity to create more of those lifelong memories.

Spending an afternoon at the beach can be fun for children of all ages. It is also a time for parents to enjoy a relaxing setting. Hearing the joyful sounds of children running and playing at the beach adds to the ambience.

Panorama Beach – North Vancouver

The marine view here makes this area a sight-seeing paradise. The park includes a picnic area, playground, washrooms, change rooms and boat launch.  Just steps away, is Deep Cove where you can stroll through a few little shops and stop to eat at the popular café or bistro. The beach overlooks the bay and there is an abundance of green space for your children to enjoy.

Sunset Beach – Vancouver
Your family is sure to love the scenic surroundings.  Children can watch the boats, or play beach volleyball.  Here you will find ample spots for family picnics. The beach is located on the bike/walking path that connects to the Seawall.  In the nearby distance you can see Granville Island. Take the family on the Seabus and be there in a matter of minutes.

New Brighton Beach – Vancouver
This could be your family favourite. The beach is inviting and there are plenty of picnic spots to choose from. Plenty of green space makes this an ideal location for playing outdoor games with your children. If your kids are bored with swimming at the same neighbourhood pool, try New Brighton. The pool is perfect for younger kids and has a few dedicated-lanes for lap-swimmers. Enjoy the amazing unobstructed view of the inlet and mountains in the distance.

Crescent Beach – South Surrey
This hidden gem is only minutes away from White Rock Beach. Crescent Beach is known for its quieter-pace and long beachfront walkway. When taking the family for a walk you will want to stop along the way for some sensational sightseeing. Your children will have hours of fun building a castle in the sand and wading in the ocean. When the tide is out, your children can enjoy searching for seashells. Find several popular eating spots within walking distance to the beach area.

White Pine Beach – Port Moody
It is one of two beaches at Sasamat Lake.  Since the water is fairly warm and calm, White Pine Beach is very popular for families with small children. You can find a concession stand near the bigger beach. Some families will bring along their own BBQs. Take your children for a walk across the floating bridge and take in all the sights and sounds of the area.

This summer consider having your beach pack ready with beach towels, sandals and sunscreen ready to go. So whenever the heat wave hits and the children get extra-bored, you can just easily pack up the car and hit the beach with the family!

Patricia, is a beach loving mom to two active, sand-loving boys ages 2 and 4 years old. When not, busy scoping out newest beaches for her family to explore she enjoys spending time shopping, cooking and relaxing with a good magazine. 

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