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Published on Saturday, May 20, 2017 by

Being pregnant any time of the year can be demanding. Your third trimester in the summer, however, brings its own set of concerns – especially in  the hot summer months. Your big belly, swollen ankles and back pain can be uncomfortable, but especially difficult during long summer days and nights.

Check out these tips to beat the summer heat while pregnant:

Seek out Air Conditioning
While you’re probably still working in an office or retail location until your baby arrives, enjoy the daytime hours in the air-conditioned building. After work take refuse in a cool coffee shop, restaurant or your local shopping mall. Or better yet purchase a small compact air-conditioning unit just for the bedroom to avoid sleepless nights.

Maternity Fashions
When shopping for summer maternity clothes choose light weight, breathable fabrics like cotton that won’t cling to your baby belly. Stick to light colours in your favourite pregnancy shorts and capris or choose a fun flowing maternity dress that provides lots of room to move.

Cool Mist Fan
Purchase a personal portable mist fan from your local hardware store. With the simple push of a button, this mist fan provides a chilling cool breeze. Use the mist fan anywhere you travel to your body temp cool and provide that cooling mist on the hot summer day.

Keep Hydrated
Heat and humidity, while unpleasant for most people; take a greater toll on pregnant women.
Making sure that your fluid intake is sufficient can be a challenge. Try preparing several water bottles in advance and keeping them in the fridge ready to grab. This will make it easy to stay hydrated when the temperature jumps in the afternoon. Infuse plain water with your favourite fruits strawberries, lemon, and mint this provides a refreshing twist on the ordinary will help you to quench your thirst through the day.

Find a Pool
Finding the time to take a swim in a local pool, lake or beach can really help to refresh your pregnant body and mind on a warm summer day. If you cannot go swimming, consider a shower or bath mid-evening when the with lukewarm water versus the normal temperature you are used to. This lower water temperature can help provide some immediate relief from the heat.

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