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When I was pregnant, I would sit at my work desk, swollen legs, bulging tummy, and dream about my coming year off with my first child. It is rare in life when reality surpasses fantasy, but this past year- which is rapidly drawing to an end- has been one of the most exciting and memorable times in my life. Here are fifteen ways you can make the most of your maternity leave:
Pregnancy, birth, and the demands of motherhood can take its toll on you. So I highly recommend routinely taking some time for you. Whenever a friend or family member offers to take care of baby so you can get a break, by all means do so!  As a new mom, you need to be able to recharge and rejuvenated on a regular basis.

#14 Don’t Just buy Items for Baby
Treat yourself to some new apparel. Embrace clothing that accentuates your personality and strut your stuff. Prove to the world that new mommies can look fabulous even when they are sleep-deprived and only have time for a 10-minute shower.

#13 Become a Minimalist
Having less stuff around to dust, trip over, and rescue from inquisitive little fingers, makes life simpler.

#12 Graciously Accept all Compliments
When someone tells you how great you look say, “Thank-You”. After all you certainly deserve it! Tired circles may have replaced the glow of pregnancy, but your new role as a caring mom is very attractive.

#11 Stay Connected to Your Inner Circle
Email is your new BFF. Stay in touch with family or friends with email updates. It is far less stressful than trying to pry a phone away from a six-month-old who sees it as an intriguing new toy. You can also get up from the keyboard at a moments’ notice when baby needs attention.

#10 Let’s Go Swimming
From the six months on, my baby loved the pool. Holding on to her as she played in her water float gave her an opportunity to get some exercise which played her out and contributed to her sleeping more soundly during nap time. In the summer months, I recommend wading pools, which are typically filled with friendly moms and their babies.

#9 Attend Story Time for Babies
Most libraries offer ‘Story Time for Babies’ at no charge. This activity has many benefits. Reading at an early age is important. Your baby will love all the stimulation that comes with interacting interaction other babies, listening to the soothing voice of the librarian, along with the fun of animated puppets. A scheduled event also forces to you get out of the house.

#8 Attend Mom and Baby Music Classes
Babies have a natural instinct for enjoying the calming rhythm and tempo of various music. Developing your baby’s natural musicality will open the door to a world of possibility.

#7 Join a Parenting Group 
For first-time moms; this is the perfect forum for sharing and learning. It’s a perfect opportunity to share the challenges and triumphs of motherhood with other moms. All the babies love to see each other and many of these groups are organized by the health units will have an expert on hand to assist with informative resources. 

#6  Sign Up for Mom and Baby Exercise Classes
When you have a new baby at home, getting to the gym can be challenging — to put it mildly. Even if you can muster the motivation, there’s always the issue of childcare. Staying fit is so much easier when you sign up for fitness classes which enable you to take baby along. These classes may offer some socializing time as an extra bonus which can be very uplifting for you.

#5 Bath with Your Baby
The skin-to-skin contact, steamy air and warm water creates a relaxing, bonding experience for both of you.

#4 Enjoy Nature Together
Find things you and your little one like to do together such as daily walks in your neighbourhood and/or trips to a nearby park. Use this precious time off to explore together. You will soon be rushing around when you are back at work so by all means stop and smell the roses together.

#3 Hire a Photographer
You’ll never get a chance to capture the moments again with your newborn. I recommend contacting a photographer shortly after baby is born. Most newborn photo sessions are scheduled when baby is 3-5 weeks old. Quality newborn photos are not easy to take with a smartphone.

#2 Create a Keepsake Box for Baby
Capture all those precious baby memories from your baby’s first year with a special keepsake box. Include photos and the history of your baby’s milestones to share with your child when he or she is older.

#1 Fall in Love All Year Long
With every smile, laugh, and sweet embrace, enjoy this time with your new bundle of joy. The dirty dishes, piles of clothes and messy rooms are a lesser priority when you have an adorable little one gazing at you. Remember babies grow up all too fast and you will want to be fully present to enjoy this magical time with your little one.
Erin is a new mom living in Langley and enjoyed her year off with her now 1-year old son, Jacob. She reminds all parents to enjoy their maternity leave and try as many new activities as you can.

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